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Why data driven kite design?

In-flight data & Simulation

We collect flight data by using a grid of IMU, GPS and pressure sensors. The recorded data allows us to simulate the deformation of a kite or wing in flight.

Aerodynamic optimization

We use CFD analysis to optimize aerodynamic performance such as lift and drag. Our analysis are applied on deforming 3D models. This gives us a highly aerodynamic accuracy with matching real-world flight performance.


Kites & wings are by default unstable and flexible structures. To optimize our designs we simulate the geometry deformation. We run stress analysis on the canopy and leading edge to optimize the kite & wing structural stability and durability.

Rider Program

2000 #devriders involved, globally.

It is essential to keep track on how riders experience our product performance. The larger the group of riders involved the better we can optimize product performance requirements to further advance our future development.

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