The all new Vulture

7 / 9 / 12


Fly, achieve and #outperform...

Introducing the 2nd generation of worlds first data driven kite design.

Over 200 riders rated its predecessor an 8.1 average. Based on end user data gathered from over 200 riders worldwide, the Vulture has been completely redesigned to further optimize its already proven performance within the Freeride, Big Air and Foil disciplines.

Data driven. Community #proven.

Progress in Freeride

The Vulture is a high performance freeride and big air kite. The Vultures lineair power delivery keeps you riding comfortably in a huge windrange.

Achieve in Big Air

Lift and hangtime were on top of our requirement list for the Vulture. Combined with a great bar feel, the vulture will always tell you where it stands.

Accelerate in Foiling

The Vulture generates plenty of power in lighter winds. It wants to go fast and the controllable lift in tacks and gibes makes it a great foil companion.

Over 200 development riders from over 20 countries were involved in the #development of the 2nd gen Vulture.

Design features

Efficient airfoil design

The airfoil profile has been aerodynamically optimized to reduce stall at high angles of attack, enabling for huge lift, hangtime and kiteloop ability.

Twin layered trailing edge

The new twin layered inlet TE design reduces oscillation with 28%, reducing wear and tear of the trailing edge, optimizing the durability.

Optimized LE segementation

Structural analysis have been applied to optimize the Vultures Leading Edge design. Minimal drag and deformation enabling maximum performance.

Structural features

3 strut airframe

The Vulture airframe has been optimized to find a perfect balance between structural behaviour, weight & aerodynamic efficiency.

Teijin TF D3 Canopy

Industry proven and premium high-density Teijin Technoforce Triple Ripstop canopy material is embedded on the Vulture.

Premium quality

Industry premium materials, assembled with superior precision.

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Vulture specifications

Sizes m2

7 / 9 / 12


Teijin TF D3

Leading edge





High Flow

One pump


Performance benchmarks

Marketing claims, science proofs.

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