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Inertia Gen3

Experience your optimal freeride sessions

Inertia Gen3+

We proudly introduce the 3rd generation of our evolved high performance freeride and big-air boards.

For 2024 we have re-configured to a lighter construction and added new ABS rails. The Vantage Inertia Gen3 is the result of our in-depth & data driven design study. The computational design method and applied fluid dynamics technology resulted in a new board design with plenty of grip, higher cruise speed and great riding comfort.

Load, boost and
experience your

Ride fast and take off with speed like never before

Inertia Gen3
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The slightly concaved bottom curves the rail a few degrees deeper into the water, improving grip and upwind riding performance.

Upwind drive

The outline of the board features a high upwind drive, making the Inertia your go to board for performance freeride and big-air sessions.

High velocity

The reduced rocker is perfectly balanced for a extremely high cruise speedand increasing the grip while maintaining playful.

Maximize your
freeride session

Designed to ride fast, cruise comfortably and fly high.

CFD Optimized
Fluid Flow

The result of an in-depth & data driven design study

CFD optimized?

CFD Optimized
Fluid Flow

A design that features no coincidence. The Vantage Inertia Gen3 Carbon is the result of an in-depth & data driven design study.

The applied computational and fluid dynamics design approach resulted in evolved performance to optimize the geometry of the channels and ideal fins positions for optimal grip and increased cruise speed.


and boost

Inertia features tons of grip for optimal pre-loading.

Torsion Control
Flex Tips

The tips feature a unique new 3D shape, that allows for calculated torsion and flex of the tips and fins. This new design optimizes your ability to load and keep grip longer before take off without losing energy in your pop.

CFD Optimized Channels

The new channels have been computationally optimized to increase the amount of grip, essential for optimal control in high speed moves.

Push it hard

The Inertia TwinTip series feature a rugged, light-weight sandwich construction and are developed with long lifespan in mind.

Sandwich Construction

Premium quality materials & manufactured in Europe


Sandwich Construction

The Inertia Gen3 features a rock solid sandwich construction, optimized for the perfect amount of flex and torsion resulting in great riding comfort.

The core is made from Paulownia Wood offers great characteristics; light, strong and durable. The rails and inserts are made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, absolutely bomb proof and light weight


Inertia Gen3

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Available sizes(cm)

133x39.5 / 136x40.5 / 139x41.5


45mm Fins


Paulownia / Carbon







Made in


2024 Collection

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