Introducing Inertia

In partnership with Lieuwe.

Achieve your max (I) #Inertia

In partnership with Lieuwe, we proudly introduce the 1st series of high performance handcrafted freeride and big-air boards.

Load, boost and
experience #inertia

The Intertia is designed to ride fast, cruise comfortably and fly high.

Inertia up #close

3D shaped deck

The Inertia is fully 3D shaped for optimized structural flex and torsion performance.

Single concave bottom

The concave curves the rail a few degrees deeper into the water, increasing the upwind abilities of the board.

Medium rocker

The rocker is perfectly balanced for the right amount of speed and playfulness.

Inertia features


The channels increase the amount of grip on the board. Essential for optimal control in high speed moves.


A great balance between flex and stiffness in the tip provides in a smooth and comfortable ride without losing energy in your pop.

Paulownia Wood Core

The core made from Paulownia Wood offer great characteristics; light, strong and durable.

Durable ABS rail

The rails are made from Acrylonitril Butadieen Styreen, absolutely bomb proof.

Crafted by Lieuwe®

'Each Inertia board is the result of the pursuit for perfection in craft and performance.'


Inertia specifications

133x40 / 136x40.5 / 138x41













A data driven partnership with Lieuwe®

A partnership between Lieuwe and Vantage is initiated to combine the data driven design approach from Vantage with the premium development and manufacturing workflow from Lieuwe. A total new customer centric development approach where customer experience, data driven design and evolved manufacturing comes together.

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Introducing Inertia

In partnership with Lieuwe

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