April 16th 2019 – The Netherlands

VANTAGE flies into the data driven future of kiteboarding.

VANTAGE today announced its commitment to a breakthrough in kite development. Being (one of) the first kite development companies using computational design as its main design method. VANTAGE today announced it has the first real world performance results that prove data driven kite development will outsmart the conventional kite development methods for good. Enabling next-generation kite performance.

Conventional kite development methods today are mostly experimental and therefore by default prone to human error. The last decade the industry has shown minimal new innovation, causing kite performance to have remained at a stagnant level for at least half a decade. Vantage claims that the lack of innovation is mostly caused by the fact that current performance validation methods are based on human interpretation.

Robin van de Putte (founder of VANTAGE) says: “Today’s kite brands mostly differentiate with colours, exclusive materials and pricing, but are struggling to validate, substantiate and increase the performance of a kite. Performance is currently determined by human interpretation, which leaves a huge margin for error when it comes to improving future kite designs. It’s about time the kiteboarding industry adds some science to the mix.”

VANTAGE starts developing where conventional kite development methods end. By utilizing a unique data driven computational deep learning design method, resulting in a simulation framework that allows VANTAGE to simulate and predict the kite performance prior to prototyping with a stunning degree of accuracy.

Utilizing today’s kite design knowledge to the max, performing wing deformation and computational fluid dynamic analysis, this data enables for accurate simulation that allows for accurate results prior to building a prototype.

But it doesn't stop with simulation only; a unique performance validation method has been developed. A validation method that allows recording of in-fight data from over 28 IMU (inertial measurement unit), pressure and GPS sensors that are attached on the kite. The data recorded by these sensors is providing in real-world performance and wing deformation knowlegde. Through acquiring this in-flight data, it allows VANTAGE to offset the results against the simulation and validate the true real-world performance. Using a deep learning simulation framework is a huge advantage, as it learns and becomes more accurate overtime.

Development program
Vantage will soon announce an exclusive R&D Béta program aimed at devoted riders. A limited number of positions will be available. If you are interested to be the first to fly the next generation of data driven and community proven kites. Sign up here.

VANTAGE® is an end-to-end kite development brand which utilizes computational fluid dynamic analysis and deep learning algorithms, enabling data driven innovation, performance substantiation and validation of our next-gen product line-up. VANTAGE is committed to eliminate todays kite development limitations, allowing for next-gen kite performance, allowing you to push your boundaries on the water.

Advantage through science.
#Fly #NextGen.