April 30th 2019 - The Hague – The Netherlands

Industry founder and pioneer Bruno Legaignoux

VANTAGE is excited to announce its co-development partnership with Bruno Legaignoux. Bruno Legaignoux is the French co-inventor of the first inflatable C-Shape and Bow kite designs, as we are familiar with today.

Bruno patented his first inflatable kite designs back in 1984 and commercialized the inventions under the brand WIPIKA in 1997.

Kiteboarding has come a long way and has shown immense progression in the last two decades, but development has been limited. The inventions developed by the Legaignoux brothers are still strongly represented in today’s kite designs.

New inventions introduced
High-Pressure Kite Technology, a new invention recently introduced by Bruno Legaignoux. This technology allows for new kite designs that positions between the RAM-Air foil and the Leading Edge Inflatable single skin kites.


First data analysis shows that this technology greatly increases the aerodynamic efficiency. Through reducing the diameters of the inflatable parts, a huge decrease in drag has been identified. Increasing the pressure inside of the inflatable parts enables for a stiff and solid structure with minimal structural deformation. Also a huge benefit that comes with this technology is the weight reduction.

From a usability standpoint new designs that incorporate this technology might be representing best of both worlds, having the performance of a RAM-AIR foil combined with the safety and usability of a Leading Edge Inflatable kite.

Collaboration Bruno and VANTAGE are jointly developing various concept designs of which the first prototypes are scheduled to have their maiden flight this season. Both Bruno and Vantage are working on a “community driven / open source“ basis, intended to accelerate adoption by 3rd parties within various markets.

Bruno Legaignoux, says:
“Since our patents were filed in 1984 the inflatable kite designs have remained mostly similar. Kite design today is based on massive amounts of trial and error and many prototypes are required to understand the dynamics and performance of each design variable. The data driven design approach VANTAGE deploys is of immense value for a kite designer, as for the first time we can analyse designs with high accuracy prior to prototype allowing us to accelerate and optimise the development. I am convinced there are still many possibilities to increase kite performance and user-friendliness; therefore I am still working with huge passion on new inventions. I am excited and I hope these new inventions will further contribute to this sport.”

Robin van de Putte, says:
It’s an honour and I am extremely privileged to work with the kiteboarding industry founder; Bruno Legaignoux. Bruno brings over 20 years of design and field- experience to the party. The knowledge, expertise and advice that Bruno provides will be key to understand the design challenges kite designers face today and hugely contributes in our development roadmap. It’s exciting to be able to deploy our data driven development method at such an early new development stage. It has been previously proven that Bruno's creative, innovative and “out of the box” mind-set is something the industry requires.

Development program
Vantage will soon announce an exclusive R&D Béta program aimed at devoted riders. A limited number of positions will be available. If you are interested to be the first to fly the next generation of data driven and community proven kites. Sign up here.

VANTAGE® is an end-to-end kite development brand which utilizes computational fluid dynamic analysis and deep learning algorithms, enabling data driven innovation, performance substantiation and validation of our next-gen product line-up. VANTAGE is committed to eliminate todays kite development limitations, allowing for next-gen kite performance, allowing you to push your boundaries on the water.

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