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Become #devrider

Become #devrider

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Data driven & #community proven

Become part of our #mission to push kite innovation back to the forefront of the kiteboarding industry.

Vantage starts developing where conventional kite development methods end.

Through the utilization of a unique data driven and computational deep learning kite design workflow we aim to outsmart the conventional kite development methods for good. Enabling next generation kite performance. Fly Vantage, fly the data driven future of kiteboarding.

Fly the latest innovations #first

Advantage through #science

Fly the latest innovations #first

Advantage through #science

Why is your involvement #crucial?

Imagine the advantage of kite performance data from over 350 riders.

Your role as rider?

As a #development rider you play an important role in the development.

We believe kite performance validation will only become reliable and truly substantiated when the performance data is gathered from a large group of riders.

Conventional performance validation methods are fairly limited and performance is often determined by only a small design team based on their best performance interpretation.

The rider program is initiated to validate the performance of our newest kite designs via a large group of riders. The data acquired allows us to create accurate performance statistics and contributes in improving the simulation framework, enabling next-gen kite performance.

The rider program requests you to fly and feedback your experiences on the various available bridle pre-sets / fightmodes.

The data you generate allows us create accurate performance statistics and is of much value to further evolve our simulation framework. After your kite session you can easily share your feedback on each specifc fight mode via the APP.

Flightcontrol 2.0 #App

Avaialble for Android and IOS

Over 350 riders already joined us

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Why join the rider program?

For development riders a non-profit objective is maintained.
The goal is to innovate boundary breaking kites together with you.

For development riders a non- profit objective is maintained. The goal is to innovate boundary breaking kites together with you.

You fly the latest innovations first +

For 2021 a total new line-up has been developed. The gear made available has gone through an intensive performance validation program with our riders and R&D team to guarantee you will be impressed with the performance. The kites are manufactured on a premium quality level, using the industries top materials such as Teijin triple ripstop and Teijin dacron materials.

Obtain gear far below future list pricing +

For development riders, Vantage maintains a non-profit objective. We see your involvement as a part of our R&D. The goal is to innovate boundary breaking kites together with you. In return for your feedback we offer you to purchase gear at a much lower pricelevel compared to its future / retal listing pricing.

You receive lifetime discounts +

Join us in our mission to bring innovation back to the foreground of kiteboarding and benefit from a lifetime discount on future Vantage purchases.

Exclusive and limited to only 120 riders +

The development program allows for a limited group of 120 additional riders in 2021. After you have submitted your application we will carefully review and immediately be in touch.

You become part of a global community +

The development team consists out of devoted kiters from all over the world who ride at high frequency in different conditions and represent different disciplines, riding styles and levels. Get in touch with each other via our Flight Control App and meet up for a session.

By joining you invest in true R&D +

The more data and feedback we receive, the better we can correlate relations, identify usage patterns and improve our deep learning simulation framework.

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